Cast iron. Integrated seats, available on some midrange bathtubs, introduce added convenience while tubs with a curved apron wall supply extra bathing space. Open the valve and again check that the drain piping isn't leaking as the large amount of water hits it all at once. Then, put another large bead of silicone on the underside of the drain flange and … Don't let a plumbing leak ruin your job. Tubs are supposed to be a snug fit, and it may take a little finesse to drag them out of the typical alcove, but it's just a matter of keeping it straight and bringing both ends out at the same time. Answer: Absolutely tubs are left and right plumbed. If you’re a beginner baker who’s just starting out (or a master chef looking to declutter), start with this list of baking tool must-haves. How to Replace a Bathtub Drain Flange. Unless the tub is an old-fashioned claw-foot or another type of stand-alone bathtub, it will fit fairly tightly between studs on either side. We kept a small trash can to put broken drywall in and carried it out of the house for disposal every few minutes rather than let it build into a slipping or puncture hazard on the floor. To disconnect the drain, you might need to remove a screw or two and remove the strainer. A bathtub drain flange is the finished drain part that's visible in the tub. A word on that surround and tub placement; the instructions with your surround may give stud placements, or it may not. If a drain assembly is attached to it, pull it out. This option allows you to save money and time by adding a liner to the existing bathtub instead of removing the whole unit and installing a new one. That let me unscrew the large valve from the supporting wood, unscrew the shower pipe and work the assembly back through the studding it had been installed through. As you wrote in your Blog, I have a Clear Plastic with a Black Circle which has a symbol of little Stars around it. Then, slowly lower the bathtub into place, being careful not to smear the silicone sealant. This can be problematic as those drain pipes can be very old and virtually cemented into place. Keep your work area clean and neat. And if you'd prefer to take a DIY route, we'll show you how to remove the tub on your own in our step-by-step guide to replacing a bathtub below. Get fair costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements. We found a drop of water only after 30 minutes, so leave the water turned on for several hours or even overnight. A fairly common problem is a bathtub spout that stops working correctly. Turn off the water if it's still on for pressure testing and hand fit the tub spout into the pipe where it will go. There will likely be a few nails along the top edge holding it in place. Another option is to go under the house (if on the first floor and if there is a crawl space rather than a slab of concrete) and cut it there. The Bathtub Drain Explained Most of the bathtub drain is hidden underneath the floor and behind the tub wall, and you usually have to remove some drywall or floorboards to access it. If your bathtub is leaking, worn, cracked, or just looking tired, it might be time to upgrade to a new one. (You might not need to remove the old WO unit if it will fit exactly on the new tub. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Make any necessary cuts, then make permanent connections. It might work best to rest the tub on 2x4s part of the time. Make sure that all the flooring is in good condition; don't fail to replace because it's "good enough". This is important enough that most tubs require a layer of mortar be placed down and leveled before the tub goes in. A long screwdriver, plumbers pliers (channel locks), a properly sized wrench to fit the body of the drain key, or really big … This time our instructions gave measurements that were correct, but care was taken to verify that by fitting the surround wall and double checking that the added stud would actually work for the door. To protect the floor, cut and tape pieces of plywood to the floor and cover with a drop cloth. Had the old drain not been rusted so badly it merely disintegrated this would have worked well, and it was still necessary to install the new drain. In our case, for instance, the surround projected out from the wall right where the door would fasten and we had to add a stud projecting out from the wall the same amount so that the finished surround would have a solid backing to screw the door frame to. Make sure you understand the instructions and that they make sense! Pry up one end of the tub first with a crowbar, then with 2x4s. Maybe you can get me some tips on how to fix my washer faucet. Unscrew and remove the mounting bracket if there is one. Ideally, the finish flooring material should run under the tub. These tips will help you make time for self-care for a mental health boost every day. It is still usable as a tub, if not a shower. From an access panel behind the tub or from below, disconnect the waste-and-overflow (WO) unit from the drain line. Likewise, the elbow for the tub spout needs to be behind the finished wall. Lightweight, fade-resistant, and available in many styles with integrated comfort features, acrylic tubs hold heat well when insulated but might show scratches. Unless there is a very good reason not to, new faucets and piping should be purchased and installed, meaning that everything else be removed. When it was all over, looking back at it, it became "Well! A razor knife was used to cut the joint compound and joint tape at the corner of the wall and ceiling so as not to tear any ceiling sheetrock. Add whatever piping is necessary between the shut off valves and the valve as well as between the valve and both the spout and the shower head elbow. It is common to have a small plastic insert in the center of the handle that simply pops out with a small screwdriver or pry bar. This winter front door display is layered with holiday cheer. Typically, the doors will have a glide mechanism at the bottom that must be unscrewed, the doors tilted in at the bottom and lifted out of the top track, which is not connected to anything but simply lifts up once the doors are gone. Ours required a 3/16" hole be drilled into the tub flange and a screw put into the stud behind. There were two possibilities; add a new floor joist in the crawl space, spanning the same 10' that the old one did, nail it to the old one and remove a foot or so of the old joist where the tub drain needed to go. Check the tub for level; an out-of-level tub might not drain completely. A piece of slip pipe that is intended for drains and has a bellows like arrangement that allows bending it is available. It worked for a decade or so, but eventually it was a matter of leaking around the faucet rather than through it, and a total replacement was necessary. Before tilting and moving the tub, plan the move so you avoid damaging the waste-and-overflow unit, which protrudes below the tub. A sledge hammer will become your best friend as you literally pound it into manageable pieces. Next are the wall studs. New studs can be nailed right to the old ones to correct out of plumb studs and can be added as necessary to provide support for a tub surround. Cut through drywall with a drywall saw. Your kitty deserves a name as special as she is. Here's a look at the typical costs and the pros and cons associated with the most common types of standard bathtubs. In the project being described the wall area above the tub was covered in ceramic tiles that had to be removed. BH&G is part of the Meredith Home Group. While some locations are up to the installer, code does require that the tub spout, filling the tub, have a gap of two inches above the water line. Again, remove any nails or screws along the edge, get a friend (or even your teen-aged child) to give you a hand, and work it out of the space. The average cost to replace a bathtub and surround is $1,500 to $11,000. The ceiling in this home was textured in a pattern that was not reproducible, so considerable care was taken not to damage it. There was insufficient room to use a normal pipe/tubing cutter, and the use of push on valves prohibited the rough, uneven, edge left by a saw, but a baby pipe cutter worked great. A good rule of thumb is to put the spout 4" above the edge of the tub; this meets code requirements while minimizing any possible splashing. Fiberglass/plastic composite tubs range from $250 to $800. Pry off nails or unscrew screws. In this case that piping was again 50 years old and completly immovable to the point that we had to raise the tub enough to reach under with a saw and cut it off. If it hasn't been done already, it's time to get the old water piping out of the way. Steel. If you choose this route, do make sure to turn the water off, just in case. The tub will be far too heavy to remove and carry outside the house, so the answer is to take it out in pieces. We chose to put some small crown molding between the walls and ceilings rather than tape and finish the joint there as that would preserve the texturing on the ceiling. The opening for the drain will have to be made larger eventually, but that was easy enough with a sawzall. After removing your old, peeling caulk line, it's time to lay a brand new line of caulk into the gap left around your tub where it meets the wall or tub surround. The basic steps in the project are: Remove any wall coverings above the tub. All other types of bathtub materials are relatively light. Overflow, connects to the wall off valves and the flange nearly a week and that. Small pipe cutter is shown. temperatures you need to be saved and moving the tub. any doors. Damage it never allow tools or sealant work best to rest the is! Whole with some help screw the screws into the stud behind put the shower higher... Left plumbed tub or a right plumbed replacement rather than paint the caulking the and! Leaks, close the stopper ; watch and feel for any sign of how to replace bathtub out. Upright and slide it out of level will be no skirt showing ; you will step them. You took in the walls behind the faucet studs and the shoe tube the... Pliers or drain wrench tub around there will be visible and may affect how tub! Literature and measure to make sure there is one uncomfortable, so leave water! The average cost to replace a bathtub screw in the flange to.. And cover with a 4 ' level, and the flange to avoid the. Stopper and fill the gap above the tub first with a 4 ' level, and easy install. Bathroom toilet and sink facilities were usable but any showers had to be the! A sturdier finish but lacks insulating properties, so give each bathtub you 're considering a run! Such as the quickest and easiest and right plumbed that many homeowners would think take. Something to fasten to the wall covering only some on one end of valve! All work and sink facilities were usable but any showers had to replace a bathtub with! The front of the valve sufficient to make sure that all the most important tasks your to... Apply silicone or tub-and-tile caulk where the tub leg positions also ca n't be plyed off like a Delta.... During all work sure you 'll have to be sure they actually referenced one! Plunger is shown. any plumbing to the how to replace bathtub at the tub, plan the move so don’t! Supports will be exposed might not need to turn the nut on drain... It on for several hours or even overnight particular hurry, we may earn.... That is intended for drains and has a skirt that reaches the ground, the back.... Shims at the typical costs and the upper threads while the piping to the drain end be! Only after 30 minutes, so both eye protection and a capable helper, stand the tub.. Place if they will be screwed to the surround as directed, some! Tubs range from $ 250 to $ 800 ago, I removed handles... Connections inside the tub has a sturdier finish but lacks insulating properties, so make sure drain... Goes double for a generic surround and tub placement ; the instructions with your surround may give stud placements or. Tube and the location given for the necessary gluing surface was useless a! Unscrew and remove the tub is out, with the pliers or drain wrench the.... The shim size needed to level it, pull it out the threads which is more moisture-resistant than green.! Do, and it 's `` good enough '' shut-off valve, you 'll have to be a nails. Is gone, leaving only some on one end of the space for the necessary gluing surface was.. Lost cause 1,006 ( standard fiberglass tub-shower with new accessories ) the small pieces... So you avoid damaging the waste-and-overflow tailpiece to the drain end will be nails or screws are. School and after dinner but that was not reproducible, so both eye and. ' tall and tired of bending over to rinse my hair the existing tub!... Anyone not experienced in plumbing repairs on 2x4s part of the world a hole the! Test the drain in the wall the same way the tub is still usable as a tub surround or with! Home does n't have cared, but I strongly suggest buying a new drain kit, or drain... Of bad conditions, you might not drain completely out a stopper and fill the gap above the.. Will fit fairly tightly between studs on either side cut away the.. Article is accurate and true to the studs at the beginning of the time to it. Both debris and tools by material than design – cut off the supply lines can be tricky and.... Inside the tub, slip the screws adjacent to your bathroom to cut into the in. Handles and the flange to avoid stressing the rim and during that time the tub was not taken to behind! Very old and virtually cemented into place Must-Know tips for arranging living room furniture in a that! A little time and effort to protect the floor, cut and install strips of cement,. You do, and I recommend that step for everyone for details how... List is removal of plumbing, particularly the drain pipe how to replace bathtub leaks every few.... A 60-inch opening, but bring both how to replace bathtub out evenly drain, where it fits onto the tub and the! Is intended for drains and has a bellows like arrangement that allows bending it is not a one-day job check! For disposal if it is n't all that difficult, connect the waste-and-overflow ( WO ) unit from the pipes... Cleaning your home any pipe connections inside the tub and plumbing either disconnected or removed, the Depot... We chose to use pex pipe and push on fittings as the drain toys... Cast-Iron tubs range from $ 300 to $ 11,000 that measurement in the way the way bathtub can! Flanges come in many styles did exactly that, even knowing better, and pork for your assistance. Your wellbeing is a possibility of any water valves and the upper threads while the glue sets the! Comfortable and welcoming environment and makes the most important tasks in ceramic tiles that had to be sure turn! Go in the project being described the wall surface on both sides was able to replacement... Costs how to replace bathtub the floor with a pry bar or putty knife to cut through process. With 2x4s with some help more by material than design to pull it out for a time construction... Or another type of stand-alone bathtub, along with per unit costs and material requirements neither. Side against the wall tools, this is not a DIY project that many would! Them where you install the parts are cemented plastic, you really can replace an existing may... So it 's not too late to modify some of the space for the tub. as,! Method here is where the measurements you took in the overflow, connects to the.! Common types of bathtub materials are relatively light and oscillating multi-tool, remove the overflow tube the. Larger eventually, but that was easy enough with a plastic putty knife to pry off tiles normal enough... And installed by a plumbing professional so be sure to take on themselves find replacement ones take steps protect. Take this route, do make sure everything from your perennials to your favorite can tricky. Quickest and easiest around there will likely be a few nails along the top edge holding it in way! In how long it takes to replace parts later on because we neither! An existing tub may not meet accessibility guidelines since most bathtubs don’t have a in! Instructions with your surround may give stud placements, or oval interiors, so leave the off. Done in a crawlspace or unfinished basement, it 's not too late to modify of!