The UK Govt public consultation closes TOMORROW. The government promised to ban lion trophies after the Cecil scandal in 2015 but then reneged on its pledge. Trophy hunting or sport hunting is hunting of wild game for human recreation. Trophy hunting is cruel, sick, & is bringing wildlife to the brink of extinction. Ban Trophy Hunting Ltd (BTH Ltd.) is a non-profit organization advocating for the complete ban of trophy hunting. Safari Club International. Share View more share options. The IUCN SSC considers that trophy hunting, is likely to contribute to conservation and to the equitable sharing of the benefits of use of natural resources when programmes incorporate the following five components: (1) Biological Sustainability, (2) Net Conservation Benefit; (3) Socio-Economic-Cultural Benefit; (4) Adaptive Management: Planning, Monitoring, and Reporting; and (5) … Brand, Style & Fabric. The message from the public to politicians is clear: it’s time to ban trophy hunting right now.” In responding to the consultation, campaigners are calling for the government to implement ‘Option 3’- a ban on hunting trophies from all species, not just from endangered or threatened species. Wendy Higgins of the Humane Society International told ‘Trophy hunting is about killing for kicks and bragging rights, displaying the morbid, stuffed remains of once beautiful and iconic animals like elephants, lions and giraffes. We're fighting to ban trophy hunting. First, financial resources for conservation are limited, particularly in developing countries. There's a HUGE loophole in CITES - the global treaty to protect endangered wildlife. Together, these two incidents triggered vocal appeals to ban trophy hunting throughout Africa. But trophy hunters can kill the SAME elephant and take its ivory! Hans has been in contact with us direct from Sweden. Join us TODAY if you support a BAN! This petition is to express support for Option 3 in the consultation, which would mean a ban on all hunting trophies entering or leaving the UK. Read more. Defra was given responsibility for implementing the pledge in the Conservative Party’s 2019 election manifesto to ban trophy imports from endangered species. ): Best Practices in Sustainable Hunting –AGuide to Best Practices fromAround the World, pp. The controversy renewed calls to ban African trophy hunting, the sport of killing wild game and keeping heads, antlers and pelts as mementoes. ‘This means elephants in future may not have the genetic resilience to be able to adapt to climate change, they will be more prone to disease, and therefore have a greater likelihood of dying out. In the United States, the CECIL Act ([ 2 ][2]) would prohibit lion and elephant trophy imports from Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe and restrict imports of species listed as threatened or endangered on the Endangered Species Act. About our campaign to ban U… Join us TODAY if you support a BAN! Greed or Conservation? ..... 14 Option three: A ban on all hunting trophies entering or leaving the UK. ‘The sooner the UK government implements a ban, the better.’, You can have you say on the government consultation here. Usually, the animal is stuffed or a body part is kept for display. Email the U.K. government Trophy Hunting consultation desk at to say “I support Option 3 - a Total Ban”. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service sanctioned a temporal ban on the importation of trophy products of the African elephant (Loxodonta africana), a key trophy hunting species from Zimbabwe, as of 2014 into the United States of America ( [ 48 Glenn Nagel / Alamy Stock Photo. Mr Goncalves urged people to vote for option three on the government consultation, which supports a total ban of trophy hunting imports and exports rather than a ban on just endangered species.