His mother is dying of a disease spreading in his home of High Rock. Seductive Lips – This mod gives your character a pillowy soft looking set of lips. Alignments: He represents the College of Magi, the Companions, the Thieves Guild and because of his friend Ralof, the Stormcloaks. She snuck down the stairs and left the house slamming the door behind her. He tried to move away but was still caught in the ambush. I honestly am not sure how to fix it permanently, but each time I see it happen, I go into console, select the gray faced character, and change his weight with setnpcweight 75 (or whatever number you want) and that fixes the skin color until the next time I restart the game. Still considered the most effective way to kill the things you hate. Balzak was said to be forging a Blades Sword; the likes of which has not been seen for many years. He was born in Skyrim and grew up learning to smith crude weaponry. NO DEFORMATIONS, NO MIDGETS. His father taught him that anything is possible through companionship - befriending both good and bad natured people proved valuable. He killed Alduin and thought he was done until the Thalmor had one more assignment before they would strike and that was to conquer the social status of Soltheim and become one of the most influential people there as well. For those looking... 2. For example, I play a Khajiit that is stealthy. Despite that, thinking about your character's family is one of the best ways to generate ideas for your character. She did the Daedric quests because she had been taught to serve them growing up, except she has distaste for Meridia and Hircine, being a vampire and indulging in necromancy. They fail to create a role-playing experience that is unique and captivating. The only reason she survived was her mother's training in healing. You'll grow bored of being unbeatable and always doing the right (or the wrong) thing. Forum Moderators: GayFoxy Herald of the Apocalypse, Bossproject, walkerkiller85, DaughteroftheNorthmen, Rules: Forums are not to be used to post stories. Never. Age 21 lylith was born in orsinium (however you spell it) she free up surrounded by orcs. Maybe. Motivations: She wishes to become the Arch-Mage of the College in Winterhold, as a tribute to her mother. How has your character's father's attitudes toward work, money, religion and family shaped your character's attitudes? Really great article. Odin's horn on right peck and serpents around groin. Something Special: Carolyn is an excellent strategist, and plans out attacks before she does anything. The Vampires put up a good fight, but they were eventually defeated. He might even run away if no one is around to help. Aside from all that, he is just a good-natured guy who gives to the poor and will do anything to help out someone in need. She finally tracked him to an abandoned cave, but was ambushed along with Ulfric Stormcloak and his men. Family: She lived with her father, mother, and little brother in Cyrodil in Bruma. The Orc boys had grown up too, their muscles had grown so big from having Orcish blood. Also gets tired after completing a quest, and goes home to sleep for 8-12 hours afterward, Preffered Skills: Restoration since he hates not being able to save people, Destruction for self defense and the defense of others, Alteration, for Armor spells, Conjuration for Atronachs and the like and Enchanting, so he can use daggers (invisble light weight enchantment). He also has a fascination with dwemer artifacts, and collects as many as he can find. The next 20 minutes were the longest 20 minutes of her life as she was sexually assaulted in every way possible. Having never dealt with the rich person’s world of political conflict, M'Rajj-Qa would prefer not to get involved any further. Also, because of what happened to his family, he hates bandits, thieves, and murderess. His father even tolerated the renewed vigor into Alchemy. He was always bittersweet about this, but his principals are paramount. She lay there for what seemed days before her father came and found her with a group of body guards. An RP Original Character Template for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. He thought if he got arrested he would be sent to Skyrim, as it had the closer prison. The "I hate mud-crabs" thing is great because it really is all about the little things. With that, the two were arrested and the rest is history. That impact will be different based on your character's gender and how they feel about their father. In ways I kind of deviate from the advice but whatever. His father did not want a assassin, something only a coward could be, but a strong warrior and so spent as much time as he could training young Crudgel to use a blade and to be a warrior. He then killed the little girl. Horus grew up in Riverwood, learning his father's skills; archery, tanning and skinning, leather working, tracking, fishing, and first aid. His father was a religious man and had wanted to be cremated, ironic huh. Coming of age, Balzak also taught Domrique that alcohol was not only good for cleaning a blade, but also for drinking. Everyone, whether they know it or not, has some sort of special quality or skill. There aren't a lot of ways to give your prejudice impact in the game, but there are a couple: don't accept quests from characters you're prejudiced against; don't buy from or sell items to them; don't take them as followers; steal from them, even if you're not a thief-class; exit conversations with them without answering their questions and walk away. Try to surprise your foes by doing something unusual and unexpected. The last he learned to do in his travels is make the ennemy cower in fear in his presence. So they made him scout ahead to look for any imperials. Mother died in childbirth so was raised by his father Ranulf, therefore called Ranulfson. After completing that, he decided that having ties with the thieves guild would be beneficial. Hodlin will never wear armor that was on somebody he had just killed or had found dead. I remember that when I used to play Oblivion, I created a backstory for my character. I take EVERY takeable item from dwemer ruins, and collect books, and only eat salmon steaks and grilled leaks with an occasional sweet roll. If you're a helpful and good-natured person, then your alter ego in Skyrim is probably a do-gooder who accepts every virtuous quest that comes her way. I want one… >___>. Especially with armor, he was not as quick as in normal clothes. This guide aims to provide you with some essential pointers in creating cool characters and making memorable role-playing experiences. On the journey there they were assaulted by a Kajhiit caravan. "Blood and Shadows..."his father rasped before dying. however he never visted the greybeard instead he learnt to smith. Whether you realize it or not, your character is motivated to behave in certain ways. He cared not for the intentions of kings and factions. Nocturnal? History is a sort of catch-all category for questions surrounding where your character grew up, what his family did to make ends meet, and what sort of memorable or unusual events befell him. As they felt it was there fault they took her in. At age 21 she left orsinium and made for skyrim before she left her dad gave her a silver amethyst ring for luck. Thankfully, the game does leave you with the option of changing your mind once you escape the keep. My first encounter was on my way to whiterun for the 1st time, I ran into 2 on the other side of the river, luckily I managed to face them one at a time so I managed to get out of there alive. While I don't engage in these activities myself, there are plenty of players out there who like to write stories, keep journals, blog, record videos, create webcomics and draw pictures of their characters. I did this to make it harder for Elsbet to acquire quality gear and to intensify the difficulty of the game. He is beyond a fine warrior, and is extremely capable of defending himself in almost any situation. For quirks/habits, K'ezarr is very OCD, and has to put all of his collected items away, unless he wants to display them in his house. Nona is a good warm hearted and hard working woman who cared dearly for her friends and family, she was held in high regard by all the village and is famed for her cooking ability. Hi, my name is Pedro, and i have restartisis. Redguard – Hammerfell A phrase that comes to mind is: “Sword Envy”. Quirk: His first choice when trying to manipulate people is to intimidate them, and if that fails, he gives up. She did the Thieves Guild quest line because thievery was apart of her nature. Charging? I realized fairly early on that it wasn't a good skill to invest in for role-playing reasons. Determined for revenge, he looked everywhere but couldn’t find him. Best Male Face Textures (for a full breakdown, see this post). I'm really struggling and your help would be greatly apprieceated, I was playing a younge girl who had been hunting for most of her life along side her father. Maybe they refuse to use weapons and armor crafted by Orcs or Elves, enjoy cooking, carry a lucky bear claw, refrain from robbing corpses in tombs or always sleep in until noon. He yelled out them to leave the house immediately, but of course they had no intention of listening to him. I think you have cured me sir, thank you. Regardless of how backwards the mind-set of some of the Stormcloaks tended to be, he could not stand the idea of an Aldmeri dominion. She was labelled Stormblade whereas Orla was titled Iceveins in their honour. They knew it was a losing battle, but wanted to distract the Thalmor army long enough for the women and children to escape into the forest around them. Because of his parents forced training, he used a greatsword as well as his magic and wore heavy armor in combat. For months he searched until one day, while walking to town, a woman he’d never seen before slipped a note into his hand and whispered “Find me in Solitude.” The letter explained the reason behind his father’s silence.. Redguards are pretty but you just don't play them much. Likes:hunting (with his ebony bow) and spending time in his home, Dislikes:vampires,giants (they get in the way) and snobby and stuck up people. I think it’s a great balance of realistic yet not too worn. Because Everyone in the village was a talos worshipper. First with the spiders: if he is far enough to shoot then he will not even try to retrieve the arrows from their bodies, but if they come at close hands he will use fire like crazy if there's no other enemy around, if there is he will just run away and shoot after gaining some distance, anything but touching then. He waited just north of the tower for the most opportune time to move past it. uses heavy and light armor. Secondly, After all, Nicklas had just helped him against that stupid bard who asked the first one he saw to deliver a fake letter to Faendal’s love Camilla. Well this was my story haha, thanks for reading :P. I'd like your opinion on my latest character: Raised in an orc camp by adoptive parents. Now stop reading about my character, and go make your own! This also doesn’t mean you have to play as a default character model. i hope that you have a wonderful day and a happy life! This belief gathered mich criticism and eventually his father was executed for crimes of heresy. But since he had a debt towards Hadvar, he agreed to help him by going to Witerun to acknowledge Jarl Balgruuf the Greater of the dragon attack on Helgen prior to go to the college. The journey of a thousands miles begins with the first . He was not happy to see them. He then became thane of every hold and was one of the most influential people in Skyrim. When Sylia reached the age of 15 she decided to wander Valenwood and the rest of Tamerial in search of her "missing" brother. Her arrest was a mistake; but in these times of tension the empire could never have admitted committing a mistake. Was a huge adventurer buff, but had never left his home. … History: Hrormir had a great life. This is not a strategy guide. *habits*I take unique things for decoration, but so who I'm taking it from doesn't feel too bad, I leave a cash amount equal to the item I take. Character Creation. I gave Elsbet one very distinctive (and deplorable) habit: after clearing a dungeon,she likes to gorge herself on the food and get drunk on the bottles of wine lying about (almost every dungeon has wine and food lying around). You can apply the same reasoning to other kinds of fears. They have a good friendship, however, and even after Mjoll was recruited to the Blades after Alduin’s defeat, they travel together frequently. I won't say the name though :3. Will not use elven made armor or weapons although he might have elven weapons for display in his home only. He was crossing by foot because he loved to walk, collecting plants and other ingredients, a remnant of is learning in alchemy. When players get to this point, they usually devise a new character and repeat the same experience with a different build. After killing the empower, he restored the Dark Brotherhood and they were stronger than ever. Balzak, the forgemaster, also fought in the battle. He decided to join them so that he could have assassins at his disposal. In order to making his face looking close to the one he has in Saints Row, I downloaded a mod that allow me to edit faces further. Balzak was brave and did not speak. Bad at physical prowess, aim and crafting wasn’t in his skills. (this is just a brief summary) she has a fear of the undead and will run from fights w ith them always has a companion to fight them off. Perhaps your character collects books or likes to dump all of their unnecessary loot on the floor of their house. Try writing your encounters down and sharing your experiences with other players in the fan fiction sections of popular forums. She goes out of her way to explore them and collect strange and rare artifacts. I may just have to give it another try. She cannot stand ignorant people and will only eat things she hunted herself. Balzak did not trust Domrique’s story: Domrique was an elf, same as the Thalmor after all. Since Elsbet is an Imperial herself and knows nothing about the Stormcloaks beyond their nationalistic pride, she figured it would be safer to stick with the enemy she is familiar with. He could tell that she was a nord and that she was heading off to skyrim because of the direction she was going and the colour of her hair. Can’t fast travel or wait (must use carriage, horse of walk and sleep in beds to pass time), Must stay in character and stick to habits and fears until the character fully evolves, Don’t equip other peoples armour until you upgrade it to suit your body, Remove some elements form the screen so you are not focussing on them. After cleansing Kodlak's spirit he became the harbinger and set out to gain the hearts of the people. Her mother lost a lot of blood and didn't make the trip to the nearest town they buried her just outside the walls. She joins the Thieves Guild, not only to follow in her mother's footsteps, but also because she actually believes she's providing a service to the poor by stealing from the rich. When he was fifteen he set out on his own his parents died only weeks after he left from rockjoint. hating his farther carl ran for years learning the ways to suvirve by himself. Prejudices- Has disdain for common folk who have not exploited their true potential, whether it be innkeepers or servants, he looks down on passive existence. However, Elesfat shot a spike of ice at the fire atronach and it died. Ulfjack is married to Ysolda and have one child (soon to be two) and a dog, Meeko. His Dad Said They Had To Move. Halfway between stocky and slender. After contact was made, she met with the guild for payment. She grew resentl ofperials dispite being one. In spite of what you may have heard about the negative impact of leveling up non-combative skills, investing my perks in these skills has not made the game that much more difficult. Hrormir's parents were mostly seen as typical nords, both worked as smiths in their youth. Will only take nords to bed. Adele was only 17 at the time and decided to go travel (What she didn't know is she was hoping to find her father) . Then Aryana know that the only safe place was that abandoned house. Until one night he done it. Having no magical ability he had no friends and was destined to be miserable forever…. Since he did not meet the imperial standards for medical study, his love of learning and natural magical predisposition lead him to seek a field of magical study he would love. He also has a prejudice towards mages as they killed his family. *special*I may be a noble but I will only act like one in the face of another noble, as my father said "make unworthy ones beneath you and give little mercy to a fighting enemy, but remember to give mercy to a surrendering adversary", and that is exactly what I do. Yet the idea of returning home pushed Horus for several months until he reached the Skyrim border, only to find his country in civil war and his head on the block.. Im on my phone so just a quick overview.. A huntsman who lives in the quiet village of Riverwood, Horus is skilled with a bow. when they were home they were either drunk or making love in there and had little time for their boy. History: Krazzius knew death since he was born; watching his mom die before him. Can not fast travel, can only wield self protection weapons such as a staff or daggers. Between these two traits and some very odd glitches that seemed to only happen to this particular character, I had some pretty damned good times with him. Not even the most powerful parents could give him their magical powers. They were just staring at her long blonde hair and her irresistible curves. So what sets your character apart? Since Bleak Falls Barrow was on the way and bandits who had stolen Lucan Valerius golden claw were heading this way, he agreed to help Faendal get it back while going to Wihterun. Sad he'd cheer her up. Special (Bad): Mentioning the Silver Bloods will enrage him, and he may even attack someone. Aintzane discovered her thirst for knowledge here and reveled in the power it gave her, she became an avid reader. Leonius proceeded to join the legion to gain respect among the empire. in a few years he now leads all groups has all deadric artifacts and is a master pickpocket smith one handed wepon master and a alchemy king. Quirks/Habits- Uses thief methods of killing, but doesn't steal having experienced a robbery first hand. Domrique pointed his hands towards the fire in the forge and increased the intensity of the flames until it exploded, trying to scare the orcs away. Do you throw your lot in with the Stormcloaks and follow Ralof? He succesfully did and even killed a defect member of the Thalmor in his wake. I'm not sure if it's mentioned anywhere in the comments, but if you have played Oblivion (or Morrowind or any of the previous games for that matter) it's fun to incorporate your old character from the previous game to the new one. One day he had been catching samon near Whiterun when a dragon attacked. Don't be afraid to give your character goals and aspirations that are different from your own. Skyrim does a good job of implying that your arrest was probably a mistake. In their drunk stupidity, they decided to murder the Sun-Swords. Not sure what to do with Domrique, Balzak consulted the chief orc. Searching for a place to learn, he turned his eyes toward the college of Winterhold. She has some issues about proving her worth. They learnt oscar everything They knowed. I have put together an in-depth random character creation system to help me get the most out of my Skyrim experience. The vampire bit Selina's daughter, and for the next three days forced Selina to watch her daughter become a vampire. His laziness also extends to ignoring all the "could you get me x" quests, unless "x" is in the same dungeon as something more interesting, or a quest on the way to it. Let me know in comments! Hrormir searched for a month, but he found nothing. WOW what a great article. They made Domrique wear their heavy orcish armor and hit him with their newly forged swords, allowing him to defend himself only with a shield. Favorite Foods: Apples, Red Meats, Stews, Potatoes, nord mead. Also, he is very gentlemanly, and he wears a Bond of Matrimony to remember his late wife (it's truly just a gold band). His crew members and First Mate are important, but their story comes at another time. These kinds of characters are great for a few hours of button-mashing, but spending a lot of time with them will begin to reveal how thin and two-dimensional they are. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He never wears a helmet in town and battle gear is stowed when in a settlement, especially in bars. Crudgel spent many years like this constantly hating the giants and one giant in particular getting stronger with his sword arm and deadlier in the poisons he created. One day as she walked around examining flowers or.biz whatever she could find she was attacked by to dark elf boys maybe a few years older than herself they beat her and took whatever they could off of her they left her with a scar by her eye and nose. His use of the Thu'um awed his followers as he led them to glory. She is proud of her orc parents, and she is proud of the warrior and hunters way of life. At age 49, with his father long dead, Shaymus and Groff set out to Skyrim in hopes of plundering the riches of a country rich in turmoil. Hodlin was raised to believe in honor and respect, religion not so much. Immense hatred for Thalmor and High Elves; she will either avoid them altogether, attack them, or be very blunt. Father and Mother are both a ranger inspire Araleathriel to becoming a valenwood ranger they took him in the the ranks of the acadamy and so he grew up basically with a bow and living in the nature at the age of 12, He was already skilled in archery,sneaking,light armor but alchemy was later on as because he is a bosmer He had to follow the green pact so that complicated alchemy, Several years later he learned that his parents had perished while on a mission during the great war against the aldmeri dominion that required their presence he was 70 years old (young for bosmers) 30 years past and he finished his training he had become a full Valenwood ranger and the council decided to send him to skyrim because it was in turnoil so the unbalance of magic had become increasingly dangerous he needed to go there and restore order : his missions where, -Kill all necromancer,apostates(rogue mages ). Skip forward four years when soon after her twenty-eighth birthday, and her daughter's fourth birthday, a vampire came along and disassembled their perfect life. His mother, of Reachman descend and secret prophetess of the Old Gods, promptly began receiving revelations at the moment of her husband's death, though she never told anyone but her eldest son when she received a viaion of him traveling to meet a moth priest in the Imperial City. Up until now, you may have had the desire, but did not know how to ask the right questions to execute the concept. Ravens Warpaint – I love these warpaints – they’re so varied and beautiful! Lives to go sightseeing and socialize but won't bring a companion due t oo not wanting them to get hurt. He will always dress for the occasion and enjoys reading magic books when he can (actually read every magic skill book). Andur was a young boy during the Great War, which his mother, father, and older brother all fought in. Enjoys getting drunk then having a good lay afterwards. Likes to dress to the occasion. When he and the soldiers attacked an village in cyrodill and captured the people of the town. A simple way to role-play the fear without making your character unplayable is to simply change your strategy when fighting these creatures. Weekly Routine: Quests, make weapons and armor to sell, collect jewels. He wanted to right the wrong his father had done to him by effectively and openmindedly raising a child of his own (basically an excuse for me to try out Hearthfire). History: Hodlin grew up in a small village in Cyrodill with his parents. Domrique tried to help the orcs and put on some of the heavy armor and donned a shield he just crafted. You can’t take principle to the bank.”. Life was not easy for Domrique. This time when she snuck out of her manor and into the woods something was different, something was not right. Imperial – Cyrodiil 7. Your character may take long detours around lakes and along rivers looking for bridges if they dread water. Save Skyrim Reroll. An imperial sentry immediately spotted Domrique and shot an arrow that glanced off of Domrique’s head armor.