The template comes with premade sections that you can easily add with a drag and drop builder and then customize them with your preferred colors and layout styles. Email templates for travel agencies must be colorful and inspire the readers to visit the place. This template is made using the email template building tool called Stripo. 3. Minimal – Mailchimp Responsive Email Template – Responsive Mailchimp Template The Minimal Mailchimp template has a responsive design that’s easy to customize. Organizing the attendees together will make the event successful. The designer of this template gives you an ample amount of space for both images and texts in its design If the conversion is the main goal of your email campaign, you have to customize this template a bit You can customize this template easily in the builder provided by the creator of this template and can export it to the MailChimp email builder. The icons used in this template are unique and are customized to match the overall design of the template. Online apparel store owners will find this template extremely useful. Like most other free MailChimp email templates, this one is also made using the latest web development framework, so you can easily edit and add the features you want. Required fields are marked *. The Mantra template is designed for such purpose only. This Template is fully editable with online Builder feel free to Change layout and colors which Beautifies your Email. You can even add a link to your survey page if you are using specialized survey services like Survey Monkey. Development Responsive Email Responsive Column Layouts. If you are revamping your brand or adding new features this email template will come in handy. The template was extensively tested and is fully responsive as well as compatible with all major email clients. Engaging your customers periodically is a must if you are interested in building a customer and company bonding. welcome to my gig, i'm yeasin arafat . Every email campaign without Mailto is a hard work. The Repo Mail template … Surprise Offer Email Template. It is completely customizable. There are certain scenarios which will be the same for all user, you can easily automate this process. The only thing this template misses is the contact details and branding elements. If you are with any other type of business like apparel store, salon or anything else, try to make images that closely tell about your product or services and closely resembles your brand. There is some cause for concern here, but there’s also hope. Depth and shadow effects are used to differentiate and also to highlight the important elements from the rest of the email template design. If you are successfully running a restaurant website and wish to satisfy your customer needs via a mobile application, this email template will help you notify your users about the launch of your applications. Merrysale – Multipurpose Responsive Merrysale Email Template. Kant - Responsive Email for Startups: 50+ Sections + MailChimp + Mailster + Shopify Notifications If you are running a fashion website or lifestyle website, this email template will definitely engage your audience. This newsletter email template is designed for bloggers and websites running active blogs. Multimail, from the name itself you can understand that this template can make templates … The V4 email template is the perfect choice for blog newsletters. The Switch template has responsive Mailchimp newsletter designs that... 2. All you have to do is to add the template and add the shortcode which will add the username and other unique information into the template. In the default demo, video header is used, you can even use your blog post images here. The clean white layout makes the readability easier and also makes the interactions easier on small screen devices. Sending an event reminder will help the audience to plan their trip easily. Discount is an image-rich template with bold texts. The creator has given you the option to add a blog post image, a small excerpt of the post, and a call to action button to take the user to the corresponding post. Capital - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template For Mailchimp. For the purposes of email, the media query’s styles are nested within the emails